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Stay in Control with Smart Meters

Type of Smart Meter

Single Phase Smart Meter (RF)

Three Phase Smart Meter (RF)

A radio frequency communication type of energy meter that requires single-phase input which is 230V and 415V. The data received will be sent to TNB control centre


1. No more meter readings

A smart meter will take a reading from your meter and automatically send it to your energy supplier. 


It also means your energy supplier won’t need to pay someone to come out and read your meter. What they save in costs could be passed on to the customer.

2. Accurate energy bills

A smart meter will send an accurate reading of your exact energy use to the energy supplier either half-hourly, daily or monthly, it’s your choice. This does away with estimated bills – so you’ll only be charged for what you use.

3. Easily track what you use and spend

You can see exactly how much energy is being used by a particular appliance – for example, each time you put the kettle on. This helps you monitor your energy use. It also helps you work out which appliances are the worst energy guzzlers and which ones are the most energy efficient.

4. Encourages better energy habits

If you can see how much energy you’re using, you’re more likely to change bad habits and hopefully reduce what you use. This is great for budgeting. Better energy habits could mean cheaper energy bills in the long run.

5. Could help reduce your carbon footprint

Being more aware of how much energy you use could steer you towards taking energy-saving steps, helping to cut down on unnecessary usage and your home’s CO2 emissions.

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