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Digitalization of Substation

Substation digitization focuses on substation level and process level digitization. Digitalization of substation provides a secure and reliable method of data transmission, including significantly reduces investment and operating costs. 


Leveraging advanced Technologies to provide effective and efficient security and surveillance for the assets and premises with real-time analytics.

This will equipment monitoring effectiveness, promote workforce efficiency, rectify anomalies and robust operational procedures for all stakeholders involved.


Implementation benefit for Digitalization of Substation

  • Proactive Surveillance System​

  • Improve response time leading to a reduction of damages/risks.

  • Optimized use of resources across locations

  • Real Time Alerting

  • Accessibility across locations

  • Cost-Benefits Optimization

  • Smart Dashboarding, & Reporting 



Thermal/Temperature Asset Monitoring

Object Detection

Perimeter Surveillance

Moment Quest Smart Search

Facial & License Plate Recognition

Dashboarding & Centralize control centre

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