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AWS Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a widely deployed cloud platform in the world that provides over 200 fully functional services from data centres across the world. AWS helps in improving corporate operations, improve agility, reduce expenses, and boost productivity. To store, access, protect, and analyse your data, select from a wide range of storage solutions with comprehensive capabilities.


Malaysia Cloud Framework Agreement (CFA)

  • AWS is the first cloud service provider to have concluded and signed a CFA with the Malaysian Government

  • Using cloud services, the government is expected to reduce current costs

  • The government will prioritize cloud services over traditional centralized data services

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MAP Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) from AWS

​AWS Proposes MAP to the Ministry :

  • A consultancy service to form a detailed cloud adoption strategy

  • Execute PoC, Trials, Workshops and Trainings for identified systems and teams

  • Execute the transformation of systems to AWS cloud.

Advantages of MAP:

  • A comprehensive and proven cloud migration program used by thousands of customers.

  • Build strong AWS cloud foundations, accelerate transformation and reduce risk

  • Free of charge consultancy service to offset the initial cost of migration.

41.5% Cost Saving

330% Productivity 

1,410% Agility

68.8% Resilience

Reduction in cost per user

Increase in VM's per admin

Reduction in Mean Time to Resolution

Increase in Code deploy Frequency

Products with AWS

Products below are using AWS service as data centre. 


Integrated Solar LED lighting 

AWS CCTV Analytics

Integrated solar LED lighting uses solar and converts sunlight into electricity energy and being stored in the battery. These lights are programmed to turn on at night and off during the day automatically, ensuring that the light is only used when it is required. 

Smart CCTV analytics is software designed to automatically analyze video content in real-time. From a CCTV perspective, this technology can identify an endless range of actions and activities. This CCTV can secure the safety of the Public, Roads and Assets of our nation.

What do we analyze?

  • Traffic volume control light dimming

  • Heat Mapping

  • Traffic counting and classification radar

  • Air Quality and Flooding



Dashboard & Report will be provided to the customer

What do we analyze?

  • Perimeter Servuillence

  • Fire & Smoke Detection

  • Theft & Burglary Detection

  • Flood & Weather Detection

  • Transportation Recognition


Dashboard & Report will be provided to the customer

smart street light.png


  1. Decreasing the number of crime

  2. Save energy up to 70%

  3. Proactive surviellance system

  4. Improve response time leading to the reduction of damages 

This is how the system works

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